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Breast Reduction and Areola Reduction

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Having a breast reduction and areola reduction is a great way to have a more symmetrical body. However, there are also some potential complications and scars to be expected. Fortunately, it is also possible to find a clinic that provides these procedures with the highest level of quality.

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    Whether you are considering breast reduction or areola reduction, there are several procedures that you can choose from. The best way to determine which procedure is right for you is to visit with your doctor. They can explain the procedure and answer any questions you may have. You can also ask to see their surgical portfolio to find out what results you can expect.

    The procedure is usually performed on an outpatient basis, and will typically take less than an hour. It is important to remember that the areola remains attached to the breast, so you should avoid strenuous activity for several weeks.

    The surgeon will begin the procedure by making an incision around the areola. He will then cut off excess breast tissue and skin, and reshape the breast. He may also remove excess skin at the base of the nipple. He will then place stitches along the edge of the areola and breast tissue to close the incision.

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    During breast reduction and areola reduction, scars can occur. The size of the scar will depend on the type of surgery performed. It will also depend on the resulting breast size. The incisions used will also determine the amount of scarring.

    The best way to keep scars to a minimum is to seek professional advice. Whether it’s from a doctor, nurse, or plastic surgeon, they can help you understand what can be done to reduce the appearance of your scars.

    One method to minimize scars is with silicone treatments. These sheets are made of silicone and can be applied to the scar multiple times daily. These sheets provide moisture and reduce inflammation. They can also help prevent pain and itching.

    A second way to lessen scarring is with chemical peels. These procedures are effective and cost-efficient. They remove damaged skin cells that can affect the appearance of your scar. The best time to use this technique is when the wound is fully healed.

    Possible complications

    Having breast reduction or areola reduction surgery involves a surgical procedure to remove the excess breast tissue. The surgery is usually performed under general anesthesia.

    The procedure is typically safe when performed by a qualified plastic surgeon. However, there are some potential risks.

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    Risks include bleeding, infection, and loss of sensation in the breast or areola. If you decide to have the surgery, you should talk to your surgeon about the risks. Ideally, you should contact your health insurer early. They may cover the cost of the lab work, and they may also pay for the anesthesiologist’s fees.

    Breast reduction surgery is a major operation. It usually takes a couple of days to recover from the surgery. During that time, your energy level will be significantly reduced. The doctor will also fit you with special postsurgical bras. It is best to avoid physical contact with your breasts for six weeks.

    Some women may develop small sores around the nipple after the surgery. They can be treated with antibiotic creams. If the infection becomes serious, you may need to have surgery to reposition the nipple.


    Whether you are considering areola reduction surgery for the first time, or you are a patient who has undergone the procedure before, it is important to understand the recovery process. Areola reduction surgery can be performed on an outpatient basis, and recovery is typically quick. However, there are some potential complications associated with the procedure, so it is important to understand the risks and prepare for them.

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    One potential complication involves bleeding. While bleeding is usually not a problem, it should be kept to a minimum. After surgery, patients may have mild soreness and swelling. Bruising should also be minimal. This is normal and will subside in a few days.

    You may experience numbness in your nipples, but this is not permanent. You will also be prescribed pain medications for pain relief. These medications may contain acetaminophen. It is also common for doctors to prescribe topical medications to reduce scarring.

    Areola reduction surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia. However, if you have undergone a more extensive procedure such as breast augmentation, you may require general anesthesia.

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