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How to Use Relevance in an English Language Learning Exercise

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Using relevance in English language learning exercises is an effective tool for helping students to learn and understand science and mathematics. This is important because students will be more motivated to learn if they can relate the content to their lives. In addition, this approach provides opportunities for students to talk about the content in both English and their first language.

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    Identify grammar and language structures common to the content area

    Identifying a science fair presentation is not for the faint of heart. While it’s not as exciting as it sounds, it’s a great time to get to know your students. In addition to the usual suspects, students may be pleasantly surprised by a few unexpected visitors. Using a bit of creativity, teachers can turn science fair presentations into fun-filled learning opportunities. It’s also a good time to identify and address students’ language needs. In a classroom setting, students should be exposed to a wide variety of academic subjects, including foreign languages. To make this happen, teachers should create a centralized language resource center, in which they can share resources and learn from one another. To do this, teachers should be cognizant of their student’s language needs and make sure to include students in the discussion at every turn. Teachers should also consider having students perform a small scavenger hunt, in which students can test their science fair knowledge, or hone their noodle skills by taking on a small team of science fair competitors.

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    Identify vocabulary

    Identifying vocabulary in English language learning is a key component of learning. However, English learners often have a large list of key words, which can overwhelm them. Developing vocabulary skills is important to help students understand text and communicate effectively in English.

    Students can develop their word knowledge through discussion and practice. Some of the best vocabulary activities involve colorful organizers. These activities include grouping words with similar meanings, using words in different forms, or illustrating words. These activities are also effective for struggling students and students with learning disabilities.

    Students can also review words they have already learned. These review activities can be classroom-based or teacher-assigned. For example, students can complete a Teachers Pay Teachers template to review vocabulary words.

    Vocabulary can also be reviewed in a digital slideshow. Students can upload pictures or online images of concepts to create a digital slide show. This is a great way to help students understand the meanings of concepts.

    Provide opportunities for students to talk about the content in both English and their first language

    Providing students with opportunities to talk about the content in both English and their native tongue should be a no brainer. Here are a few tricks of the trade to help you navigate the minefield of student engagement.

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    The best way to make the most of your time with a tight schedule is to establish a regular routine to help make it a pleasant experience for everyone. For instance, a daily routine to the library can help keep the class together, while a weekly trip to the mall can keep the kids on track for the afternoon. You could even get students to help out each other with homework. The best part is that the rewards are well deserved and the kids will have a blast while doing it.

    In the spirit of collaboration, don’t be afraid to make the student or two the guinea pigs of your pigeonhole. Aside from the aforementioned homework assignments, consider using a nanny to keep the kids in check, while a weekly after school club or a Saturday morning scavenger hunt could make for a memorable afternoon.

    Simplify the language on the test

    Creating a language test that elicits an interpretable sample of the test taker’s performance in English is an important step to a successful English language learning exercise. In addition to eliciting a meaningful sample of performance, the test should give the test taker enough time to display their true ability. Test specifications can be revised over time, but the most important consideration is that the test give the test taker enough time to show their true ability. This can be accomplished by using verbal protocols to study the test taker.

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    The Association of Language Testers in Europe was commissioned by the Council of Europe to prepare the CEFR Manual. This Manual focuses on aspects of test development and examining that are not covered in the Manual for Language Testing. It is intended to be a complementary resource to the Manual for Language Testing. The Manual consists of four parts: Appendix I: The Language Test, Appendix II: The Examiner’s Manual, Appendix III: A Single Paper, and Appendix IV: Examiner’s Training.

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