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Mother Goose Time Vs Funshine Express

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Mother Goose Time Vs Funshine Express

Choosing between Mother Goose Time and Funshine Express can be a very difficult decision to make. They both offer different types of dance classes. While the first offers lessons that are designed to help children learn a variety of dances, the second focuses more on teaching kids how to be able to move in a group setting.

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    Dance ‘n Beats Lab

    Whether you are looking for an easy way to supplement your teaching with music and movement activities, or you are interested in a comprehensive curriculum that teaches children about the world, the Dance ‘n Beats Lab may be a great choice for you. It is a research-based program that supports brain development, body strength, and coordination. With this DVD, you will have access to 21 core movements, which you can use to help children strengthen their body while engaging their minds with the 12 songs in the curriculum.

    With this program, you will also be able to support children in building vocabulary and expressing their emotions through songs. With a clear toy bin, children are encouraged to engage in open-ended explorations that promote creativity and problem-solving. The theme-based toy bin is eco-friendly and contains skill-related activity cards to ensure that children are using the toys appropriately.

    Strengthsfinder Individualization - Build a Productive Team

    With this program, you will be able to promote critical thinking, reasoning, problem-solving, and creative thinking, which will ultimately help your children grow into the best versions of themselves. This DVD and workbook set provides additional activities and challenges for children to enjoy each month.


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