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Natural Oncology Wigs

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Whether you are undergoing chemo or radiation therapy, wearing a natural oncology wig is an ideal way to disguise the effects of a cancerous scalp. However, there are certain factors you should keep in mind.

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    Human hair

    Whether you’re looking for a wig for medical hair loss or just a wig to wear for a day, you can find many types of wigs for cancer patients. It’s important to find the right one for you.

    Before you shop for a wig, talk to your oncologist, hairstylist, and other members of your cancer care team. They will be able to recommend wig retailers. They can also help you determine if your private health insurance will cover the cost of the wig.

    There are also charities and nonprofit organizations that provide low-cost wigs for cancer patients. You can ask your oncologist, social worker, or hairstylist about the benefits of these charities.

    If you’re going to shop online, make sure you find a store that offers good return policies. You may also want to find out if you can try the wig on before you purchase.

    Some hospitals may have “wig banks” where cancer patients can try on free wigs. These may be donated or paid for by fundraisers.

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    Synthetic wigs

    Whether you are a woman going through chemotherapy or a man fighting cancer, you may have to deal with hair loss. It is important to choose a wig that makes you feel confident and comfortable.

    Before you purchase a wig, ask your oncologist or social worker for advice. They can also recommend wig stores and salons to you. You can also visit your local cancer support group or support group website for suggestions. You can also buy wigs online.

    Synthetic oncology wigs are a great choice for cancer patients, but they do have disadvantages. They are not as comfortable and they may not look like your real hair. They also cannot withstand heat.

    The best way to avoid discomfort is to choose a wig that is breathable and soft. You should also choose a wig that is adjustable. You can also visit a wig shop to try on a variety of wigs and have the wig fitted.

    You can also choose a wig that has a lace front. This will make your hairline look more natural.

    Can you wear a wig during chemo or radiation therapy?

    During chemo and radiation therapy, hair loss is a common side effect. Some people choose to cover up their hair loss with a wig or scarf. Others choose to keep their hair bare. This is a very personal choice.

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    If you decide to wear a wig, choose one that is comfortable and matches your hair color. A wig can be made of synthetic or real human hair. Human hair is more flexible and can be more easily styled.

    Before purchasing a wig, discuss it with your oncologist or cancer care team. Ask them to give you some suggestions and help you decide which wig is best for you.

    It is also important to make sure that the wig does not hurt your scalp. It is a good idea to have your oncologist or other health care professional measure your head to ensure that the wig fits properly.

    It is also a good idea to ask your health care provider to write a prescription for a cranial prosthesis. This will allow you to claim insurance benefits for the wig.


    Purchasing a natural oncology wig is an important decision for cancer patients. It can be difficult to deal with hair loss and chemotherapy, and a wig can help a patient feel more like themselves again.

    Many cancer centers offer wigs to patients at no cost. Some cancer support groups also offer free wigs. CancerCare provides wigs for women with cancer, as well as counseling and support groups. The LivingWell wig program offers a free wig consultation, and is supported by community donations.

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    CancerCare also provides free breast prostheses to women with cancer. The LivingWell program is open to all cancer patients. The program provides free consultations, and the wigs are made by volunteers.

    Some hospitals offer “wig banks,” where patients can try on free wigs and select one that is comfortable. Survivors often donate their used wigs. The wigs are refreshed, and sent to patients.

    Wigs can be purchased at local wig stores or online. The cost of a wig can vary, from $30 to several thousand dollars. The type of wig will affect the cost. The cost will also depend on the length, texture, and color.

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