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Whenever you pay with your Davipuntos, you accumulate points. These points can be used to redeem bonuses for certain services. You can also use them to buy gift cards abroad. For example, if you’re traveling to Costa Rica, you can pay for your airline ticket with your Davipuntos. In addition, Davipuntos are also accepted as payment for credit card balances.

DAVIPAY is the online portal that allows you to view the catalog of products available for Davipoints. The website lists the available products in different categories. You can also download the DAVIPAY app to your mobile device. This is a secure payment platform that accepts Daviplata and credit cards. You can also pay with cash, Nequi, and tarjetas. You can also transfer money to friends or relatives, if you prefer.

You can also use your Davipoints to purchase travel insurance. For example, if you’re flying to Costa Rica for an important meeting, you can use your points to pay for your insurance. You can also use your points to purchase food and coffee, without waiting in line. DAVIPAY can also be used to make money transfers, purchase e-tickets, and expedite flights. DAVIPAY is a secure and innovative payment solution that is used by thousands of businesses and individuals around the world.

DAVIVIENDA is a colombian bank that offers a number of different products and services to customers. It is the first bank in the country to receive public recognition, and it is one of the five most valuable brands in Colombia. It has been helping people achieve their goals for over 75 years. The bank offers a wide range of products to its clients, including a home financing program. It also has a specialized call center that can help customers with flights and money transfers. It offers special connections and systems that can help customers with flight verification and expedited e-tickets.

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In addition to its online store and its call center, Davivienda has a network of 56 travel agencies around the country. The agency also offers exclusive events and opportunities for its cardholders. In addition, Davivienda offers a unique management style. Whether you’re looking to finance your home, purchase a vehicle, or find the right vacation spot, you’ll find a Davivienda product to fit your needs. The bank has a number of subcategories, including travel agencies, retail, business services, and other products. It also has an online shopping mall that allows you to purchase products and services from a variety of retailers.

You can use your Davipoints to pay for your travel, purchase a home, or pay your credit card balance. You can also use your points to redeem bonus points for specific events. Whether you’re planning a trip to Costa Rica, or you’re looking to buy a new car, Davivienda can help you achieve your goals. Its new system values the time of its clients, and has changed the way its employees think and act. It’s also one of the only banks in the country to offer a home financing program for 30 years.


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