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Talking Tom Time Rush

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Whether you’re into video games or not, you’ve probably heard of the famous talking tom. This video game has been around since the early 1990s, and it’s been a favorite of many. Now it’s getting a new release, and you can get it for your iPad, iPod Touch, or even your iPhone. But what does this game have to offer?

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    Previously known as Talking Tom Gold Run 2, this new endless runner mobile game features six popular Talking Tom & Friends characters, including Angela, Hank, Ginger, Becca, and Pierre. The game invites players to unlock special outfits, vehicles, and rewards. It is available on iOS and Android.

    In the pilot episode, Angela is upset about Tom’s messing up the bathroom. She is also frustrated with Tom’s love for an alternate Angela. She tries to get rid of him. However, she is interrupted by a bomb that Hank hurls at her. This sets off the first fight between Tom and Angela.

    Another episode features Tom and Ben fighting. It also sees the arrival of the character Talking Hank. He’s a roommate of Tom’s. He’s a white dog with blue spots. He helps Tom when he needs it, and comes up with a solution to their gang problems.

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    Other notable characters in the show are Ben, who is Tom’s childhood friend, and Talking Becca, a grey rabbit. Becca is a determined person who will always go for what she deserves.


    Introducing a new game to the Talking Tom franchise, the Talking Tom Time Rush app is free to download and offers a fun, vibrant world to explore. Players can earn special rewards as they complete levels. The mobile game is available worldwide through the Google Play store and the App Store.

    Using the same auto-running gameplay that made the Talking Tom games so popular, Talking Tom Time Rush combines six of the most iconic Talking Tom & Friends characters into one fun adventure. The game is designed to be a hit with younger gamers.

    The new game is already available for pre-registration on the Google Play Store and the App Store. The free-to-download application invites players to unlock new costumes, vehicles, and accessories, as well as special paths, to make their characters more impressive.

    The story of Talking Tom Time Rush follows Tom and his friends as they explore the world in search of Crystal. Each of the characters has their own special power.

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    Previously known as Talking Tom and Friends, the Talking Tom & Friends franchise has become one of the largest mobile IPs of the past decade. This animated web series starred Talking Tom and his friends, including Angela, Hank, and Ben. All six characters are now available in a new game, Talking Tom Time Rush.

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    The game invites players to chase Talking Tom across the universe. This auto-runner features dynamic obstacles, exciting new worlds, and challenging endless runner action. It’s already available for pre-registration on the App Gallery.

    Talking Tom Time Rush is the first ever game from Outfit7 to include all six characters, and is available for download on all major platforms. It’s a great addition to the Talking Tom & Friends gaming world, and is sure to be a hit with younger gamers.

    The gameplay is simple to understand, and the controls are responsive. You can jump through portals to explore new worlds. You can also collect gold bars to purchase special items. The levels are decorated with themed adornments. You will also have to hunt down Rakoonz and other enemies to progress.


    Introducing Talking Tom Time Rush, an exciting adventure game! It’s a fun and challenging game that follows your favorite Talking Tom and his friends on their quest to find the Magic Gate. Featuring colorful characters, vibrant worlds and a unique challenge, you’ll be able to enjoy this new addition to the Talking Tom & Friends gaming universe.

    Talking Tom Time Rush is free to download. You can either download the game through Google Play Store or the App Store. This action game requires you to collect gold coins left by raccoons to unlock stages. Each stage offers different missions and challenges. You’ll also have to choose a character to stop the bandits. You’ll need to jump and avoid obstacles to survive.

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    The game has a unique 3D graphics platform that integrates different effects in each universe. You can also purchase outfits for your character, which makes him more appealing in each level. If you’re looking for an enjoyable game that can be played on all devices, then you should check out Talking Tom Time Rush.

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